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E-Design Work Session

What is an E-Design Work Session?

It’s a 90-minute online design & style consultation with Walden Interiors. During our work session, we’ll target specific areas of your home that need some TLC. We’ll provide actionable advice and guidelines to help you solve your design dilemmas or kick start a larger project!

How does it work?

After purchasing your design work session, we’ll collaborate using our online design studio. Using our online studio, you’ll book a time slot, fill out a questionnaire, provide photos, measurements and more!

  1.  Purchase your E-Design Session Package

  2.  Book a time slot

  3.  Share photos and measurements

  4.  90-minute consultation via zoom

  5.  Report/recommendation guide


1. **Can I use this for multiple rooms?** Yes you can. Please provide as much information as possible when filling out your questionnaire. We’ll make recommendations on how much we can complete during one session.

2. **What if I need more time?** Absolutely! You can purchase additional time at $175/hour.

3. **What’s included in the guide/report?** This can be a combination of written recommendations, inspiration images, products, videos or sketches.

4. Can I reschedule my time? Yes you can. Please give 6 hour notice. There is no fee for rescheduling.